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Tales of the Abyss after Battle Quotes

ANISE: "Ionian Sergeant Anise Tatlin Oracle Knights Fon Master Guard wins!"
GUY: "That's way too long."

ANISE: "Colonel, what's your secret for being so strong?"
JADE: "Simple. I drink people's blood."
ANISE: "Huh?"
JADE: "It's so difficult when people take me seriously."

ANISE: "Man, this one was loaded!"
LUKE: "Battle's barely over and she's already got the money."
TEAR: "Leave it to Anise..."

ANISE: "Here we go! The beauty of Daath, Anise!"
NATALIA: "The beauty of Kimlasca, Natalia."
TEAR: "The...the beauty of Malkuth, Tear."
ANISE: "The Beauty Corps claims victory!"
LUKE: "Oh please."

LUKE: "I gotta write this win down in my diary."
NATALIA: "Don't forget my contribution."
ANISE: "And my beauty."
TEAR: "And a list of provisions we need."
LUKE: "Oh yeah. I'm in charge of shopping."

ANISE: "Awwww, you're being a pain!"
NATALIA: "You're the one who's being a nuisance."
ANISE: "Oooh, one of these days I'm going to squash you."
NATALIA: "And I will return the favour."

ANISE: "No one can stand before the agent of justice, Tokunaga."
LUKE: "I don't know about "justice"."
GUY: "I think "evil"'s more like it."

ANISE: "Tokunaga? Tokunaga?!"
GUY: "Is that his stuffing?"
LUKE: "Agent of justice, Abyss Red!"
ANISE: "Hey! Listen to me!"

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